Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Electric Power Systems!

Our main topics of research and education:

  • Electric Drive Systems
    Electric drives have various applications - power generation by wind generators, traction drives for electric vehicles or also in various machines and appliances. Besides the electric machine, a drive system will often comprise speed or position control.
  • Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy
    The sustainable electrical energy supply from the power system is a very important task for the prosperity of our civilization and society. The main research focus is on the developement of a Smart Grid with the full integration of renewable energy sources and decentralized power plants into the electrical power system.
  • Power Electronics
    Power Electronics connects the aforementioned topics: Electrical energy, generated by photovoltaic or wind generators, is e. g. fed to the grid through power electronic converters and also traction drives are controlled by them. Energy efficient power electronics is indispensable for a variety of further applications in power supplies and drive systems.

Research and education of the chairs in the Institute of Electric Power Systems are dedicated to these important topics with a promising future:

Chair for Electric Drive Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roberto Leidhold

Chair Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Martin Wolter

Chair for Power Electronics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lindemann

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